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Are There Any Glaucoma Symptoms?

Glaucoma Eye Exam & Treatment, in Irving, TX

Glaucoma is described as an abnormal buildup of pressure inside your eyes. As this detrimental eye disease progresses, it will cause permanent vision loss. When left untreated for a few years, glaucoma can lead to total blindness. At Beltline Vision Clinic, our eye doctors will perform a glaucoma test as part of your comprehensive eye exam. During the early stages of the disease, glaucoma symptoms may be absent, and a thorough evaluation of your eye health is the only reliable way to detect the condition. Our Irving eye care office is equipped with state-of-the-art optometric technology that will diagnose glaucoma accurately.

Question and Answers About Glaucoma

Are there any Glaucoma Symptoms?

Glaucoma usually begins by attacking your peripheral vision, which explains why glaucoma symptoms may not be noticed for a long time. Unfortunately, once you notice vision loss in the center region of your eye, the ocular disease has probably been present for a long while. Only regular, complete eye examinations can identify glaucoma before it gets to this point. For the best preventive care - contact us to schedule your eye exam and glaucoma test in our optometry practice in Irving, TX.

What are some Glaucoma Treatments?

The current goal of all glaucoma treatments is to lower or stabilize the pressure in your eye, which will hopefully prevent damage to your optic nerve. The first line of defense is typically medicated eye drops. Depending upon how far the disease has progressed, other glaucoma treatments include conventional (bladed) surgery, laser procedures or a combination of all of the above. If you are prescribed eye drops, it’s critical to continue taking them regularly and not to become negligent about it. Discontinuing your eye drops may lead to vision loss.

Glaucoma Screening & Glaucoma Treatment in Irving, TX

At our Irving eye care location we serve residents from Dallas County. Our optometrist, Dr. Brian Smith will take care of all your eye care needs. From your annual eye exam, to contact lens exam, treatment of eye disease and much more! Of course, Dr. Smith will treat all eye emergencies as well.

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