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Contact Lens Basics

Contact lenses, optometrist, eye care in Irving, TX

These days’ Contact lenses are for virtually everyone.  At Beltline Vision Clinic in Irving, TX we have fit as young as 7 and as old as 78. Contacts give you more “natural vision” especially with the stronger glasses prescriptions, a big advantage over wearing glasses

Wearing contacts is also a better option if you play sports. A few years back even NIKE got into the contact lens arena with Bausch and Lomb with its “MAXSIGHT” lens. Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles was a wearer and a spokesman. Unfortunately, the demand for this specific product was not sufficient for production in the end. But contacts are still your better option for sports and most physical activities

contact lens, eye care in Irving, TXIn recent years there have been many advances in contact lens technology. A patient who was not considered a good candidate for contacts as recently as 5 years ago, now has some new options available. The most exciting contact lens introduced in recent years is the new Ultra for Presbyopia from Bausch and Lomb (presbyopia is the inability to read). I was one of the first 400 doctors nationwide to fit this product and presently have hundreds of patients in this new design. The Ultra for Presbyopia provides great vision in all zones (distance, intermediate and near).

Some patients want to sleep in their contact lenses. There are many contact modalities available, dailies, monthly and extended wear. If a patient requires a lens to sleep in, we recommend what I call “flexible wear”. This is primarily daily removal with the overnight option as needed.

As far as swimming is concerned, The chlorine in the pool can damage contact lenses. So if you swim “socially” it’s OK. If you’re going to open your eyes underwater or swim laps, swim goggles over contacts are required. Also, contacts can be worn for scuba and snorkeling.

The first step is a contact lens evaluation by our Irving, TX optometrist, in addition to our comprehensive eye glasses exam. A contact lens evaluation consists of a corneal evaluation and measurement, external ocular exam and contact lens fitting. Ophthalmologists primarily specialize in surgeries so they are not as proficient in contact lens fitting, so for contacts, it is preferable to see an optometrist.

Schedule an appointment for a contact lens evaluation with one of our optometrists.