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Lulu Guinness Eyewear

Lulu Guiness eyeglasses frames Irving TX

Lulu Guinness, famous for her style and glamour when it comes to handbags and accessories, brings her sophisticated yet daring fashion sense to eyewear with this iconic collection. The eyewear features colorful interpretations of classic shapes (such as cat eyes), as well as dramatic retro shapes, exclusive patterned materials and elaborate cut outs.

With a hint of mischief reflecting her fun and charming personality, Lulu Guinness designs eyewear that is inspired by vintage fashion with a modern, stylish touch. Her iconic creations portray glamour and luxury, featuring timeless looks with contemporary flair.

Lulu considers eyewear to be an expression of one’s individuality and designs her eyewear with the ideal of making frames that are beautiful objects in themselves as well as flattering for the face. Lulu Guinness is exclusively made for the woman who appreciates eyewear as a fashion accessory and values affordable luxury and unquestionable style.

As our eye doctor can explain during your next eye exam, quality designer frames are worth the investment!

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