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What’s New

Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice. The items are displayed by year and month. To view older entries use the links in the box below to select the year and month you would like.

Using Your Vision Insurance Benefits for Year-End Eye Exams

Discover the advantages of scheduling an eye exam before the year-end, as our blog outlines. From early detection of potential vision issues to maximizing vision insurance benefits, this proactive approach ensures optimal eye health and contributes to overall well-being and financial savings.

Prioritizing Your Vision: Contact Lens Safety Awareness Month

Prioritizing Your Vision: Contact Lens Safety Awareness Month It's easy to overlook the significance of safe contact lens practices in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. However, the well-being of your eyes should always be a top priority. As we observe Contact Lens Safety Awareness Month at Beltline...

Enhance Your Active Kid’s Vision With Contact Lenses

Active kids need clear vision. Contacts offer freedom of movement, enhanced safety, and improved confidence.

How Safe Is It To Rinse Your Eyes With Tap Water?

While many people turn to tap water to rinse their eyes, it may not always be safe. Find out when to use water, and what to use when you can't!

Your Eyes As A Window Into Your Whole-Body Health

Did you know that your eyes are often the first line of defense when it comes to detecting and treating many common systemic diseases and conditions? It's true!

This Winter, Don’t Let Dry Eyes Get the Best of You

The struggle against dry eye every winter is real. Fortunately there are eye treatments and home remedies to relieve symptoms.

Autoimmune Disease and Dry Eye: Is There a Connection?

Having an autoimmune disease like Sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus can affect your tear production and eye health.